Work and Travel

Working Holiday Nueva Zelanda


Duration: 12 months maximum Departure date: The participant chooses it. Date of application to the VISA: September 21, 2017 This program allows you to access the New Zealand visa for a maximum of one year, to study, walk or work. The visa is very flexible so that you can make the experience according to your goals and interests. The 12 months of stay begin to count when arriving at New Zealand.


Age: between 18 and 35 years Argentine Passport with 15 months of validity as of September 15. Marital status: married or single, but without children Personal characteristics: Be flexible, independent and feel like living a new experience It is NOT necessary to be a student, nor to know English.

What this visa allows

The visa allows you to go out and enter as many times as you want, so many participants know and travel to other countries such as Malaysia, Fiji, Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, Australia and even Korea. You can also go for less time, and stay in New Zealand for two or three months for example. The visa is given to you only once in your life. The next application opens on September 21, 2017.

Application process

Argentina has 1000 annual quotas to process the Working Holiday visa. Approximately every year about 3000 people apply for it. The system of application is only through the web page of the department of migrations of New Zealand, reason why the system usually saturates in the day and hour of its opening. In InterLatina we advise you so that you can make the application online successfully. Paying for a small sum of money we give you an interactive chat in which we teach you the tricks to achieve online application to the visa in the shortest possible time and also send the X-rays to New Zealand, a requirement for the visa to be granted. Once obtained the visa we will advise you to buy the air ticket and the medical insurance. For advanced students or graduates of hotel and gastronomy we have job offers to travel with your seat insured from here!

Medical insurance and flights

Medical assistance is required before entering New Zealand, valid for 12 months of stay.