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Work and Travel in Florida

Name: Federoco S
Age: 26 years old
Student of Human Languages
Company and job where you work: Walter Lorenz, in social work

Fede worked in Vail, CO as a Valet, parking cars and loading skis earning US $ 2500 per month (including salary and tips)

How did the experience help you?

It helped me in a lot of ways, from as sociocultural point of view, an intellectual point of view, to straighten out my English, my hearing, in psycological ways in the sense of how you see people, how much you are worth without your family, the little that you are worth, economic aspects, it is also worthwihle. I think that it opens your mind to many aspects, positive or negative, it depends on each person... as for everything, a knife can be used to cut vegetables and cook or to kill... it depends on each person and how they use it.

How did the internship help you find the job abroad that you have today?

Most importantly in English, there is an obcious difference, a particular independence, a growth, it shows a different form of managing yourself to the people who notice.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

That they enjoy it a lot, travel to discover, talk to loads of people, tmake the most of it, take advantage of missing people that maybe you never thought you would miss, communicate with those who are love who are in your home country, making your relationships stronger and not freezing them... Don´t forget that you return in 3 months, therefore look after what you have in your country.

How must you think about your trip?

An expeirence that few people can do, enjoy it and live it to the ful, it is only 3 months, and you don´t know if you will be able to return, if the opportunity will arise again, because of age, money or health, you only know that you can do it this time, next year you don´t know what life situation you will find yourself in...

Which jobs suit you out there?

I am one of those people who believes that experiencing different things enriches a person, that one should not marry only for comfort or for money. Try, see, suffer, learn...