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International medical insurance

Interlatina offers the best insurance for your trips

InterLatina SRL has formed various agreements with different medical insurers, considering your security and the peace of mind of your family during your stay abroad.

We offer you the best cover at the best price, according to the medical expenditure abroad and the requirements for work, study and cultural exchange visas.

The good news is that we can also offer you this insurance no matter where you choose to travel to in the world and of course we will give priority to this very important topic.

These costs are the most complete in relation to their benefits and their price.

Coverage that covers for the work visa requirements and those of the cultural exchange in the USA or Europe, of up to US $ 50,000 in medical costs, medicine and accidents at a very accessible rate for the USA or the UK: US $90 per month and for NZ: US $72 per month.


We present you the best medical insurance and assistance for travellers on the market, with global coverage.

Assist Card Young: For people of up to 40 years old, from US $120 for four weeks of coverage, US $450 for four months; US $680 for six months and US $ 1350 for 12 months.

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Assist Card Business: For people older than 40 years old. Amounts to a maximum assistance of US $50,000. USD 7 per day.

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Assist Card Executive: For people older than 40 years old. Amounts to a maximum assistance of US $250,000.

Cancellation of insurance for any reason

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