Internships paid and unpaid in Brazil


This program of paid and unpaid internships is carried out in a wide variety of areas of companies, academic and research institutions and non-governmental organizations throughout Brazil. Internships can last from 1 month to a year (12 months) depending on the availability of students and employers.

The objective of the sponsor is to connect the largest employers in the country with international students who see Brazil as a springboard for an international career.


The program is designed for students between 20 and 30 years of age who are currently enrolled in a Higher Education Institution (undergraduate, master, postgraduate), which is compulsory under Brazilian law.
- All students must present the certificate of regular student abroad;
- Students whose practices last more than 120 days must also enroll in a Brazilian institution before their arrival in the country. The sponsor has partnerships with a wide range of universities throughout the country, so they are responsible for enrolling them *
* Keep in mind that processing time may take longer in these cases, once students will need the approval of the employer and the university.

What this visa allows

It allows students to have the experience of doing a practice in the country from 1 month to 12 months.

Application process

To start an application process, you must submit the following documents:
- Complete application form
- Copy of passport
- Proof of registration to the university.
- Academic records
- updated CV
- Presentation letter
- Letter of recommendation

Medical insurance and flights

Medical Insurance is mandatory. InterLatina offers several options.

The air ticket is quoted once the destination and the dates of travel are determined.

For more information, send us an email to by calling (011) 4811-4637 or by whatsapp +54 9 11 2389-9239