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31 March, 2021
Work Visas in England for Postgraduate Graduates!

It is possible to work for up to 3 years in England if you complete a postgraduate degree at a UK university.

The UK Home Office confirmed that the new Graduate Path will be open from July 1 and will allow international graduates to work for two to three years after completion of a postgraduate degree. (three years for doctoral students).

The requirement is to have completed a postgraduate level course at a UK higher education institution, with a history of meeting government immigration requirements.

The good news is that this "Graduate Route" is straightforward and you don't need a job offer to apply, there will be no minimum wage requirements or application caps, and students will be able to change jobs flexibly.

The aim is to attract talent: “As we recover from the global pandemic, we want the world's brightest talents, aspiring to careers at the highest levels of business, science, arts and technology to see our UK as the ideal place to fulfill your academic goals and aspirations.

We will inform you soon about opportunities at the best universities in the UK.

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