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Josefina is 23 years old, she studies Speech Therapy and tells us about her experience as a participant in the Work & Travel USA program.

Name: Josefina A.
Age: 23 years
Occupation: Student of Lic. In Speech therapy
Destination: Ober, Gatlinburg
Company and position where you work: Orange Hospitality Group at Ober Gatlinburg, Food service.

-We would like to know how you are and how you feel, as a participant in the Work & Travel USA program

Good! Very happy with the experience, and I really want to be there!
It was a very good experience, and I learned a lot.

-What is the experience for you?

I learned to work as a team, because I had never had a formal job and I could learn from that too!

-Is the work as you imagined it?

I did not imagine much what the job