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Diego tells us about his experience as an agricultural intern in the USA:

Name: Juan Diego
Age: 27
Occupation: Medication Manager
Destination: Wisconsin
Company and position where you work: Reynolds Live Stock

-We would like to know how you are and how you feel, as a participant of the Agriculture Internship program in the USA:

I feel good and happy. At first it was a bit difficult for me to adapt and I did not know what I had gotten myself into by working in another country, speaking another language and sharing a room with a person from Tanzania, a completely different culture from Argentina.
As time went by, I got to know the place, the work environment and my roommate, who turned out to be a very cool guy. It was a matter of waiting a couple of weeks for everything to take shape and to be able to feel at home since a long time awaits me here in Wisconsin.

- What is the experience for?

It is an experience that helps me tomorrow to be prepared for such a hard work routine and to be able to adapt in the best way when I have to work in a field in my country.

- Is the work as you imagined it?

It is a very physical job that requires a lot of desire and predisposition to do it.
The first few days he was in charge of preparing the milk for the calves whose activity started very early in the morning.
After a few days, the manager of my area saw me capable of performing other tasks apart from the previous one and that's when he offered me to start medicating the calves. He gave me a document with all the information that there is to know for said activity which I had to read and learn. I had no problem understanding it, although there were terms that I had to research because I didn't know what they meant, but anyway I understood perfectly and quickly adapted to change.
In addition to that, they taught me to operate machinery within the field that is used for many tasks within the establishment. I thought it was something super interesting to learn and it was not difficult for me either.

-How is the work environment? How is the relationship with other co-workers?

The work environment is very warm and my relationship with my colleagues is excellent. We are 8 in total who work in the field each one in his corresponding area. We are all more or less the same age. There are Filipinos, Colombians, Argentines and Africans. In addition, I maintain a good relationship with my superiors and those in charge of the area.

-What are the best things about your job? And the worst?

The best things that work gives me are the learning that it generates because I maintain that the best way to learn is by experimenting and the other is the culture in which you develop from working in the USA and with colleagues from different countries.
The worst things I would say are the number of working hours (between 10/14 hours per day) and the very cold weather since it is a job that is done all outside.

-What do you do on your days off?

In my free time I try to take advantage of washing clothes, going to the supermarket to buy what I need, going to the pharmacy and cooking. I usually take the opportunity to do a little of this type of task that in the week when I get home I don't have much time and energy because I get home tired from work. I like to cook and give myself the pleasure of eating well, it is something I invest in because I enjoy it.
Sometimes I also go out to eat or go to a bar with my housemates or some from work if we have free time together.

-How is the housing?

It is a fairly large house where I live with 8 companions. I sleep in a room for 2 that I share with Thomas, a guy from Tanzania. I find it super interesting to talk with him and learn about his culture.
The truth is that we are very comfortable and we maintain a good relationship with each other. The house is equipped with heating, we have a girl who comes to clean and it is a 10-minute drive from work.

-Did you get to know other places and other people?

I was able to get to know the state capital, which is Madison, and tour the area a bit.
As for people, I was able to meet my housemates and workmates.

-What surprised you the most?

What surprised me most about the job is how easy it is to get promoted. In other words, it is not necessary for you to be American to be the manager or the person in charge of the area, but with a good job performance you can become one. One of my colleagues who came in the same situation as me is already in charge of a particular area.
I was also amazed that the owners cared about me from the first moment so that I have everything I need to work. They gave me tracksuits and field boots.

-Do you feel that you could improve your level of English?

If the reality is that I am improving it day by day and I speak it more fluently. Among all my colleagues we speak in English but among South Americans we are tempted and speak Spanish.

-What would you recommend to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

I would tell him that everything starts with a little fear but that later it is worth it. At first I wasn't that comfortable but when you make friends and you get along, everything happens. I believe that economically it suits you and the learning that it entails is priceless. And above all things, you have to come wanting to work.