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Name: Sofia
Age: 30
Occupation: Architect (Received in 2014)
Destination: New York
Company and position where you work: Internship in Architecture studio, Dec 2018 to June 2020

-We would like to know how you are and how you feel, as a participant of the Training USA program?

The experience seemed great to me and it helped me to open my mind and see how it is built in the USA. I saw other ways to solve problems, I was working on a unit remodel in Soho. Also open myself to other things, such as Real Estate.
Also in NY, my destination, there was the best of the best, because it is very competitive and forces you to be up to the task. I am a perfectionist and I aspire to the best. I graduated with an honors degree from my university.

-What was the experience for you?

It helped me to have the experience of working in another language, dealing with clients. In the study the dynamic was similar to that of Argentina, he met with the client and explained what was happening. They already held many virtual meetings with clients because they didn't live nearby and to avoid wasting time.

Was the job how you imagined it?

I didn't know what I was going to find. It exceeded expectations, I learned a lot, and it was what I liked about a small studio because I was exposed to various tasks within the work: from the design to all the steps with the client.
They had projects in Mexico, as a result of this they hired her, because they needed someone who spoke Spanish

-How was the work environment? How was the relationship with the other co-workers?

The work environment was good, but at first it was difficult for me, because in Argentina it was more like a family, in the United States it was more individualistic, each one with their headphones and not chatting as much. You also have to ask all the questions together so you don't interrupt the person who is training you all the time with your doubts. They are more efficient and when they are in the office they are more productive.
I learned the culture of the studio where I did my experience and I got to know the dynamics of how an architecture studio operates.

-What were the best things about your job? And the worst?

The best thing about my experience was that thanks to being in a not so big studio, I was able to participate in the architectural project at all stages. I really like the design of the studio, it's very modern, it aesthetically matches my personal taste and that was key to being able to enjoy what I was doing.
They do a lot of interior architecture, it opened up that panorama that I hadn't developed before. I learned a lot.

The worst things, the first few months coming back with a brain burned from speaking English. Learn the imperial metric system.

-What did you do on your days off?

It was good, because we had a large group of Argentines, visitors, etc. It's easier than going straight to California where I am now.
in NYC I had friends who went running, we organized ourselves to go to Boston to run. We had a good time, we attended recitals, we went out to eat.

-How was the housing?

We rented an apartment, but I confess that it cost us a bit to get it since the prices are very high. We spent the first year in Manhattan and the 2nd year we moved to Brooklyn. It just so happened that friends were moving to that area and we got excited and it was a good experience.
- The first year I walked to the studio, I was 15 minutes away. That was something incredible.
- The studio was in Chelsea, a pole of art and design. She enjoyed walking those streets, being surrounded by art galleries. A unique experience.

-Did you get to know other places and other people?

In the summer we used to go to the beach, and we also got to know other cities like Boston, Chicago, Virginia,

-What surprised you the most?

Living in NYC, being on the HIghline and that is part of my day to day. This before traveling was something unimaginable.
Another thing that I really liked was the possibility of working on projects in New York's Soho and having astronomical budgets, with numbers that I had not imagined. I felt at the top of the world.
Personally, I think that with the program my way of thinking changed, I got rid of some cultural prejudices and opened myself up to other people.

- Do you feel that you could improve your level of English?

In terms of language management improve 100%. I came from a bilingual school but I feel that I have improved a lot. I didn't use much English and it was difficult at first but after 3 or 6 months, I improved a lot. Then I felt that I stagnated and that I will always have an accent. At first I felt that I was only communicating, I couldn't make jokes.
In California I made more international friends so it helped a lot to improve communication in English.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

I already sent several to contact you, I really recommend you! Personally, I would tell them to do it 100% and not be ashamed or shy about going through the process, the interviews, etc. Throughout the process you let go and learn new ways of doing things and you have to be willing to have new experiences. Not to be afraid because I believe that the moment to do a program abroad is now when one is young. There is always the option to return to your country. And you come back with incredible personal and professional growth.