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21 September, 2017
Australia work and travel
Are you interested in traveling to a different country and out of the ordinary? Do you have some money and time to invest in your experience?
Australia is not an economic destination, but there are ways to finance part of your trip and stay.

You have several possibilities to travel and work in Australia. Here we tell you a little more.

One is the Study and Work Program in Australia, which allows you to combine English proficiency while working part-time, helping you to cover accommodation costs in Australia. You can choose a language course or if you are encouraged to stay longer there are courses of all kinds. Ask us why the offer is hyper varied: from language to Surf instructor, through biotechnology, business and robotics.
Another option is the Work Program, with which through a Working Holiday Visa you can legally work for up to 12 months and get to know one of the most attractive and interesting countries in existence. There are quotas for Argentina and of course, as in the case of its neighbor New Zealand, special quotas for certain European nationalities. Ask us about your case and we will advise you.
The last option is for those who are studying or have already been received in the area of ​​Hospitality (Hospitality and Gastronomy), with experience of verifiable work and consists of an internship rented for 12 months with guaranteed work assignment before travel. Destinations can be as lively as Whitsundays Island or Tasmania or central Australia, Cairns or Melbourne. You must be up to 25 years of age and no more than two years of graduate. The process usually lasts longer than for example United States, but jobs are in incredible places.
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