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Arturo, 32 years old, graduated in Public Relations at the University of Moron, tells us about his experience of the Training program in the USA.

The Yin and the Yan

Who would have said that in 3 months of working 8 hours a day in a Hotel Marriott one could buy a Honda, a laptop, a digital camera, designer clothes (everything you can imagine and more) and, on top of that, food, taxes, rents, and... still being able to save money every week and put it in the bank? I did do all this in three months of work and I am going for another experience in the USA for my "training program".

But I will try and be objective during the ups and downs. This does not mean that there are "hidden" bad things or "surprises", but that you co me across many things that you did not expect, it´s a different clture, the movement within the system is different, it can be strange and confusing at the start. Anyway, the experience is unique, it opends your mind, makes you grow and shows you that there is more out there than the Gral Paz...

The Yin, we will start with the most "juicy" thing for any Argentine; that which one finds in little time, or rather... everything!

When a person is used to living their whole life in our pretty and cyclicial country, you start to see very slow things and with a lot of sacrifice, like fighting against the current. On the other hand, here in the USA, the achievement of economic objectives happens in little time and that provokes a great satisfaction, because one sees how their efforts turn into goals which have been reached.

All of this, like the title of this article, has a negative side. Well, it is not so bad, but you have to take care not to enter into the lifestyle of the Americans and get into dept and spend all your money in little time. This happens because they give you means to be able to buy whatever you want paying only a few dollars a month... it´s tempting, isn´t it?

The Yan, you are more than 17,000 Km from your loved ones, friends, family, dog, cat, in the end, from all the peopel that are close to us. It becomes difficult, sometimes, but one of the first investments that I made was a laptop with a camera and a microphone (one of the best investments I made ) and on the Internet and MSN one can find everyone. Now I am in USA I speak more with certain people than when I was in Baires.

The positive taken from this is that you grow, and you learn to value yourself for who you are and see the world from the other side; it is the same world that we know, but seen from another perspective.

To finish, I can add thousands of anecdotes, but as it would get boring to read them all, I will only add the funnies and most colourful... The first day that I am in the Hotel, of course I am free, I met three very nice and great women, and two of them with husbands. Immediately, because they liked me, given that I was from Argentina, and that I was going to be here for 19 months; they invited me to play pool in the hotel and to drink some "Bud".

The funniest thing was, that I had a really good time on my first day; but I found our that they weren´t just husbands, but two policemen that worked as the body guards!!! But that´s not all,it turned out that one of the women was the Governer of the state of Mississipi, the other secretary and the other the assistant og the "Governing Lady". It was very funny, given that all the staff in the hotel commented that the new "trainee" from Argentina was with the Governing Lady of the state of Mississipi playing pool and drinking beers... funny!!