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New Zealand WH

Sabrina and Julian tell us about their stay in New Zealand with the Working Holiday visa.

Now we are in the region of Bay of Plenty, in a city called Te Puke because from April to June is the kiwi season and there are all the orchards here. We are fortunately working in a very good packhouse.

Pre-trip recommendations: of course take out medical insurance, bring a good first-aid kit because it is all quite expensive here and they ask for a prescription for aspirin, if you are a smoker take lots of packets of cigarettes, they only let you buy one per person but you can pay a fee to buy more, I think that costs US $ 45, so it´s best to pay it because here every packet costs between 17 and 22 NZ and a packet of loose tobacco is 30 NZ. This is very expensive, so it's better to bring packets because also if you want to sell them it's a good business... and do not bring any luggage, very little and the oldest because you will always end up using the same things and for this work it is best to use old clothes, also the clothes are really cheap here if you want to buy some and to be honest if you don´t have a car, travelling around with a rucksack and a suitcase is not recommendable...

For those who are travelling in this period the best thing to do is go directly to the southern island because now they are starting to take people.

We opened a bank account with the bank ANZ and it went very well, so we would recommend it. And if you have an unblocked phone you can bring it, I brought a BB and with vodaphone I pay 30 NZ and I have a very good deal with internet and many free minutes.

Do not bring Argentine pesos! They don´t change them anymore! And well the rest is all going well luckily, here it is very simple and the people are very caring.