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in Vail, Colorado

Agustín M tells us about his experience in the USA as Work and Travel in a resort in Vail, Colorado

Agustín M, 27 years old
Student of hotel administration

What yould you recommend to people who are about to travel?

Firstly, that they do the visa process with time to spare which saves them a good amount of stress. After doing a real application and with time allotted to the first period, given that generally all the housings ask you for rent up front plus a deposit, you must also total up the cost of living so that you cover everything. What also has to be paid for, in the case of ski resorts, is the seasonal nature and that when the season starts it could be that there is little snow and therefore no work. Regarding the trip itself, I would recomment that they research well what the policies are for equipment for the airlines with whom they are travelling, for example in the case of American Airlines, one can take two suitcases in the hold of up to 50 lbs and two pieces of luggage in the cabin, that means that instead of taking one enormous suitcase it´s best to spread the weight between two smaller cases given that you would have to pay for an overweight bag and also you would be taking less total weight. Anyway, I recommend not bringing too much equipment on your departure trip because in the USA you can buy literally everything. Another important point is to bring a suitcase or rucksack which you can hold by hand where you have all your necessary documents because the airports lose your things all the time. Also it is good to look up the scheduled arrival time to your destination and to have organised your transfer transport from the airport, because arriving in NYC at 4 in the morning is one thing and arriving at that hour in a smaller airport is a completely different thing.

What did you most like about the experience and why?
The truth is that the whole experience was very positive, if I had to emphasise a few things they would be that I lived in a dreamy place for four months, drastically improved my English, I skied uninterruptedly for 120 days since I had to go skiing for my work, I could buy myself a load of things that are inaccessible today in Argentina, I went to New York for two weeks on vacation, that is to say that is was great.

What did you least like and why?
I would say being far from my friends and family, but the truth is that nowadays with the internet and all of that you can speak everyday, a part from that I would tell you that I did not have any negative moments.

Did you change your view of the United States since the experience? In what way?
I don´t know if it changed, since I had already been there and apart from being put in the hotel listing I know their customs quite well, what impressed me was the good vibes of the supervisors and employers, both in the way they treated me and also in flexibility. Everything is very relaxed, possible, they do not make any problems for you at all. I remember one day a last minute mini trip to Aspen popped up, I went and asked my supervisor if I could take the day off; he looked at the schedule and said to me with a smile: "sure, you´ve been working hard, you can cover other shift", that is to say that the way they treat their employees there is really good and they reward you when you show good commitment.

What things will you bear in mind the next time you have to travel to work in another country?
Definetely travel light and practical, this gives you more freedom to move around.

Would you do the program again?
In my case no, not because I don´t want to, but because I´m already 27 years old and need to focus on my career, but if I had done it before I would repeat it more than once.

Would you recommend the proram to friends?