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Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Yuli R, from Colombia, tells us about her work and travel experience in the USA in the City Market of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Yuli Andrea Ríos Ruiz, 21 years old, Colombia

What would you recommend to someone who is just about to travel?
Firstly, be ready for anything, so that you will be able to enjoy more every moment of this experience. Secondly, from the internet you can book and you can research well where you are going to be, so that you have the opportunity that you can search for accommodation within your budget.

What did you like most about your experience and why?
What I liked most was the way in which Americans treat all Latin people, not only as a Colombian girl but also people from Europe, we all receive the same treatment, they were always very courteous, they have big hearts; despite me being far from home they made my feel part of the family (calling me the core around which everything revolved).

Another of the things that I could enjoy more was getting to know other cultures so that now I have friends all over the world, learning a little thing from every one of them and seeing their realities and being able to compare them with those of our country. And understanding why so many foreign people return, we have it all. Colombia is marvellous.

What did you like least and why?
The truth is that I do not have a single complaint regarding this trip, every person finds problems with work or people that surround them.

Did you change your view of the USA since your experience? In what way?
Yes, of course, everyone has their freedom, their independence, the country is free because it has so many job opportunities, he who is poor is so because he wants a country which offers benefits,

What things will you bear in mind the next time you have to travel to work in another country?
The fundamental thing is always to give a good impression to your superiors, to speak very clearly and express well your concerns, often they have a solution and it can result in a better job with better income.

Would you repear the program?
Without a shadow of a doubt.

Would you recommend the program to your friends?
Yes, I would recommend it and have already done so.