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Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Matías D tells us about his work and travel experience in the USA in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Matías D, 24 years old
Profession: System Engineering student

What would you recommend to someone who is about to travel?
I recommend this program if they need to practice their English quickly, if they try to do other types of travel which are more expensive, here in four months you can earn lots of money.

Also, for those who like to travel, here you will be able to get to know many states in the USA, finding hotels and food at low prices. If someone has family problems or wants to change, mature and to a comparison of before and after... go!! Over there you won´t even miss your family!

It is all very crazy. People from all countries.. The day flies by boys... Over there you date the weirdest girl. A girl from Romania or Afganistan or you girls date a Norwegian or Marrocan. Who knows. Here it´s a free-for-all!!

One more thing. If you bring two suitcases from Argentina, on the return you will have to pay for excess luggage in the airport. Bring a small hang-luggage item with all your important documents inside, or you will lose them straight away. Passport, I-94, Ds 2019, W2 paychecks, flight reservations, etc.

What did you like most about the experience and why?
What I liked most was being able to travel the US once my work contract has finished. Travelling to LA, Hollywood, Las Vegas, NYC... working 4 months I could do all those travels, buy myself many things and on top of that bring 2,000 dollars home.

Travelling for me does not have a price, knowing that today I can do it, tomorrow maybe you might find a partner or children will arrive and you will not be able to do this program, at least enjoying how one of us marries.

What did you like least and why?
What I liked least was so much snow. I wanted to see snow but not thaaaaat much!

I was in Durando Colorado and when it snows, there are no paths, only the road, so to go to work I went by foot between toots to arrive. But we had so much fun throwing ourselves head first from a wall into the accumulated snow. It was great.

Has your view of the USA changed since your experience? How?
Yes! Before going there I said I couldn't stand Americans because of everything that's happening in the world, right? But I was surprised to see that more than half of them hate Bush. They are totally opposed to his ideas, and on top of that, the people are really friendly and respectful. They see you walking in the street and they offer to take you home, for example.

What will you bear in mind the next time that you have to travel to work in another country?
You know that if someone wants to work, they only have to go and search with a lot of motivation knowing that they will not humiliate you. Everyone takes your details and appearance, guys, has a lot to do with it.

Here in Argentina, ask them to give you work and ask that they listen to you for two consecutive minutes because if not they say great, thanks for the CV. There you have an appointment with the manager of RRHH and many other chances, he who doesn't work doesn't because he doesn't want to.

We had two jobs but our friend from Brazil had three. From 7 to 16, from 17 to 23 and when he had a free day from one of the previously mentioned, he went to work at the gym.

Would you repeat the program?
Without a doubt, economical factors aside, the experience is incredible, the level of English improves by leaps and bounds and the most important thing, the people are delightful, they are very respectful and friendly.

Would you recommend the program to your friends?
In fact I have already recommended it to them. I already have four that are going next December and the others will also join in, I imagine. They saw me arrive with high quality stuff like a notebook, cameras, etc...

Now they all want to go to buy electronics. hahaha after they will catch us in customs but one continues to see the difference.