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20 October, 2017
What can you do in South Africa ?
This cultural exchanges to South Africa are a great way to learn about Africa in one of its most interesting countries while improving your English. You can go to classes in the morning and then I went out to explore this modern city, sunbathe on the beach, or join many excursions. After coming from exchanges to South Africa we assure you that you will return to your home speaking English with confidence and with new knowledge about the world.

We have to offer you the following programs: Volunteering, English with Volunteering, English and Safari in South Africa, and to study English in Cape Town.
We have the following programs Volunteer, English with Volunteer, English and Safari in South Africa, and to study English in Cape Town.

Volunteering: If you are interested in doing this program, the available projects you can do are: Children`s Hospital, Photography Course, Ocean Conservation, Namibia Wildlife Conservation, African Horizon, etc.

English with volunteering: it is about studying English in the morning and volunteering in the afternoon. Includes: 20 lessons per week of general English, accommodation in the volunteer house, transfer to the airport on arrival.

English and Safari in South Africa: you study English and you can add 3 nights along the famous Garden Route. Includes: 2 or 4 weeks of general English course, student residence and transfer. And the 3 nights safari on the Garden Route. Includes: transportation, guide, accommodation backpackers, dinner, breakfast, safari and Cango Caves or Cango Wildlife Ranch. Not included: lunch, drinks, experience with elephants and bungee jumping.

English in Cape Town: 20 lessons per week of general English (can be: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 weeks) residence, transfer, certificate and student card and free wifi at school.
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