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London, England

Caroline is 28 years old, she is a nutritionist, and she is in England doing a Sandwich Course.

The school in London is very good. We had classes in the morning and afterwards the afternoons free, so that I could take advantage of this and go all around London.

What I like most about the experience is that you meet new people from different countries all the time: now I am living with a Spanish boy, a boy from Georgia and one from France, which makes living together quite fun, it is a very nice mixture of cultures.

A recommendation for someone who is coming here is to come "open-minded" because you have to be willing to go with what there is. The best thing is to do is to come without any fixed ideas because the placement can be situated in any place in England and in any job position, be it a hotel or a fast-food chain. The placement put me in Salisbury, it is a very quiet but very beautiful village.

At the start I was a bit unsettled because I was expecting to work in a hotel and instead I was working in the Sandwich chain Subway and the work was a bit slow-moving at times; but luckily I have my good work friends which makes the experience more enjoyable. Another disadvantage is that we are paying quite a lot for rent, around 60 pounds per month and the house is very small: there are 4 people and only one bathroom, which sometimes can get complicated. I looked for another place which was better but the managers of Subway told me that if I moved, I would not be able to continue working (given that the placement includes housing).