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Name and surname: Jose H
Age: 34 years old
Profession: Graduated in Hotel Administration
Company and job placement: Columbia Sussex, Hotel hilton fort lauderdale Airport, Puesto front desk supervisor

Where did you go?
Fort Lauderdale Florida

How long were you there for?
18 months

How did the experience help you?
To get to know and learn the way in which a hotel is run in the USA and how they focus on service and client satisfaction.

How did the internship help you find your job abroad that you do today?
The company where I am wants to hire me permanently due to the role I had with them during my training.

What would you recommend to someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?
That they accept the goal and they put all their will into it becasue although it is training, the managers have their eyes fixed on us and what we can bring to the company.

Why does it benefit you to go?
Because you would learn everything necessary to be a good manager in the future and you will develop the English language.

Where would you recommend that others go to?
Find the best available options.

How must the trip be thought of?
As a process of learning and development.

What jobs are beneficial to do out there?
Any type of job as long as it is part of the program and your personal development.

How much did you earn a month on average?
Around US $ 1,600

What did you spend the money on?
Basically on rent and food, but money is left over for trips and even more if you save a bit each month you can buy yourself a car and have those things that you always wanted.

What surprised you most?
The trust and interest that the company showed in me in order to be able to put me in charge of the hotel reception.