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Silvia E is 29 years old and she opens up about her experience in her Training USA program in Hospitality
Profession: Technologist in Administration of tourism and hotel companies

Where did you go?
I was in Destin Florida and Marco Island Florida, with the American Hospitality Academy

How long were you there for?
One year

How did the experience help you?
It was the best experience of my life and it helped to have a solid foundation for future jobs to perform well and if I have my own company to know how to manage it.

How did the internship help you to find your job that you have now?
Right now I am having interviews in different companies, not in hospitality alone but opening myself up to other possibilities as well.

What would you recommend to someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?
That they cannot miss out on this opportunity, because it is the most enriching in life, you will meet new people and you will find out that you are capable of achieving things that you never thought you´d be able to achieve.

Why did it benefit you to go?
Because these are intensely lived experiences, they teach you many lessons, some good and others that are not so good but those are the ones that give you the strength to go on.

Where would you advise others to go?
For me the place is not what matters, the important thing is that you are outside of your home country where you have to figure out everything by yourself.

How must the trip be thought of?
You have to see the pros and cons, but I assure you there will be more pros and try taking these risks in life and you will see that it is worth it.

Which jobs are beneficial to do over there?
If you can work on your career then perfect, if not then work in whatever they give you, because everything is a learning and growing experience.

How much did you earn a month on average?
USD 8.50 an hour

What did you spend the money on?
I bought some things I needed, but the majority I have saved and I am living off of it while I search for a job.

What surprised you the most?
Realizing that I can perform in any job and I saw the results with my letter of recommendation and when the people that I assisted did not want me to leave.