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English course, San Francisco

Francisco SM is 27 years old and Graduated in Business

What would you recommend to someone who is going to travel?
To those who are going to travel I would recommend that they choose the city of San Francisco as their destination, and that they do not doubt doing it, it is a very enriching experience, both on a language level and on a personal one, and all of this in a city with fascinating diversity.

What did you like the most about the experience and why?
What I liked most was getting to know people from completely different cultures to ours, given that the majority of students are from Asia, and I was lucky enough to find an incredible place, with new friends.

What did you like least and why?
In the first homestay I had a bad experience, but I changed in a few days, there wasn´t anything that I didn´t like, every day the city offered
me something different.

Has your point of view of the USA changed since your expereince? How?
At the start it is difficult to have an opinion on a country 6 times bigger than Argentina, demographically speaking, what surprised me a lot was the very good predisposition of the people, their good vibes, and how they show respect towards each other.

What things will you bear in mind the next time you have to travel to study in another country?
I would bear in mind the time, I would try to go for at least 3 months, and as I did with this trip I would try and take the most of it, it is a unique experience.

Would you repeat the program?
If I planned to study another language, I believe it is the best alternative, which I would do again.

Would you recomment the school to your friends?
Yes, I would recommend it, in general the service is good, they have a few things to improve, but you can see that they are trying, the group of people is very committed to what it does.