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From Lanus To Hawaii: a Work and Travel USA experience

For InterLatina it is important to know the experience of our participants. That is why we share this testimony made by one of our students.

I had the opportunity to do my first W&T on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, more precisely in Honolulu. The experience was unique. It is to live almost four months mixing work situations, knowing people, places, and different cultures, since to be tourist place could be title something like a "world-wide sampling".

I worked at photography company in a mini cruise that was doing whale watching - breakfast and lunch - and sunset cruise - dinner -
I got a room at the home of Argentines living in Hawaii almost 20 years ago. It had a weekly itinerary that was modified slightly every week and that later during the same day could be modified according to the tourist demand. If or if it had to be communicated. If I worked for breakfast I would arrive at 8 in the morning and we would return to the port at 11 to embark the passengers of the lunch that went from 12 to 15 hours. A couple of times I had to do the three daily cruises so between 15 and 16:15. I had my break to work on the sunset cruise until 8pm. But there were almost always 2 daily cruises.

We had food that we took from the buffet and we could even take it to our houses. My job was to receive the passengers, to take the welcome photo and then sell it on board. Also on the breakfast and lunch cruises we took pictures of the whales, printed them and sold them in a kiosk-like place where we took the orders, and then, when we got off the boat, we handed them out to the passengers who had bought it.

The system was so well organized and rigorous that there were no confusions either with the money we collected or with the photos, but we had to pay close attention so that everything closes. Working is working and it is in Hawaii, China and Congo. that happens is that in each one is able to differentiate and prioritize situations according to the goal that is gone. If you travel with the idea that you are a millionaire, Hawaii I do not think it is the best place. Exotic places, good climate and tranquility? Yes night Not much and only in Honolulu - Maui, Big Island? Beautiful and Hawaii at its best, but night? Fine thanks.-

Ah! I forgot to tell you that if you use a bike, take good care of it, I say because I stole two and being locked, and leave it are authorized places, I also say that because I left an important hotel in the parking lot of the staff and guests and I was fined .

Conclusion: being on a Work & Travel is a life lesson. I wish you all success and happy adventure!