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Santi in Cambridge, England

Santiago J F was 16 when he traveled to Cambridge, England, to study English. He tells us about his experience.

Where did you go? For how long?
I went to Cambridge, England for almost 1 month.

How was your experience? What surprised you?
The truth is that despite the fact that I had high expectations, the trip exceeded them in every way. I was surprised by many things in England itself, for example the cleanliness of the city, the sizes of the churches, the castles, but I was also surprised by things of the experience itself. For example, the friendship we made with some people who until today continue talking and sending each other photos.

What would you recommend to someone who is about to do the same experience as you?
I would recommend them to enjoy every moment. At first, going away for a month seemed like a very long time for me, but it turns out it flew by! I would also tell them to take all opportunities to improve your English, not only in the classes but in the day to day speaking with different locals. You learn a lot. I would also recommend to take a lot of photos since afterwards it is nice to see them and remember the beautiful moments. Finally I would recommend not to forget the hat if you travel in winter since it is quite cold in the morning and I did not give it much importance in the first few days and left it at home hahahaha.

Do you feel that the experience changed you? How?
Obviously you learn a lot about the language and culture of the country, but it also makes you more independent while you become friends with different people from different countries, which is always fun.

Tell us what a typical Study Trip day is like
Apart from the classes there are many excursions, one of the ones I liked the most is the Harry Potter studio. You get up early and have a fairly large breakfast to what I was used to in Argentina, then the mother gives you the lunch meal, I remember that she had given me some spicy hot dogs that were delicious, and you will wait for the bus at the stop closest to your house. After the trip you arrive at the destination where we made the Harry Potter visit which was very good, then you ate with your friends and if you wanted you could buy some souvenirs, then you would return to the bus to go back to Cambridge.

How is the place where you were living?
I lived with another boy in the house of a very nice family, the mother, Leila, was always attentive to anything we needed, the house was warm and the beds were very comfortable. We had a room for each one of us and the food was delicious, but in that part of the world there is no bidet hahaha.

Could you meet other places?
In addition to Cambridge we visited other cities like London, Ely, Oxford, among others. The city I liked the most was Edinburgh in Scotland.

All this information is very useful for us and for children who want to travel with the program so we thank you very much for your collaboration.