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Rocio opens up to tell us about her experience working in a Public Relations company in Los Angeles.

Name: Rocío B P
Age: 22
Profession: Degree in Public Relations
Company and position where you work: Media Playground PR, a consulting firm in Los Angeles, California.
Duration: 3 months

What is the experience for?
Expand my knowledge in the area of ​​Public Relations, since in the matter we saw it as something more related to large companies and see what can be applied to all areas, as in this case Fashion.
I am staying in a apartment 15 minutes away from the work group. What we do depends on day to day. We work with Fashion, so we have to enter clothes, publish the brands, and make the feedback of the brands and the image.

Is the job as you imagined?
Yes, but I also found the job here works faster than I tought, I am constantly going up and down doing many tasks at once, it is very active. Especially now, they put me in charge of social networks.

What is the work environment like?
The boss is divine. She is alone and many interns from other parts of the world. Everyone is always in a good mood and they are super patient. This company works a lot with universities so many are university students.

How is the relationship with other coworkers?
We get along very well, there are Americans from universities. Very diverse and interesting.
In my housing, for example, I have a Swiss roommate, another American, another from India and another from Indonesia.
The population of Los Angeles had all parts of the world. My roommate, the girl from Indonesia, is almost never why I have the room and the bathroom for myself most of the time, I was very lucky! Haha

What surprised you about your work?
That is purely public relations. The area of ​​fashion is something that did not interest me but now I am learning much more.

What do you do on your days off?
Now that I am just beginning to accommodate myself, since the accommodation I have looked for in the first week, I am planning more for my days off. For work we went to Las Vegas, I loved it even though it was really for work and we didn't have much time to travel as tourists.

Could you meet other places?
Las Vegas. We had a Fashion Stand.
The office itself is located in the Los Angeles Fashion District.

What surprised you the most?
You appreciate the things of the USA and where you come from. Here, for example, people greeting without kisses and the groups are colder than those in Buenos Aires. It depends a lot on Google Maps.
You realize all the different things when you are outside, for example that Americans do not have the facility as one thinks.

What would you recommend to someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?
Go for it! It's great. The experience is worth a lot, but keep in mind what the agency says because sometimes there is bad communication and you have to be attentive to all the data, make sure to ask everything before saying yes.

All this information is very useful for us and for other candidates who want to travel with the program so we thank you very much for your collaboration.