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Sugarbush, Vermont

Lautaro E tell us about his experience in Vermont working as a Lift Operator

Name: Lautaro E
Age: 22
Profession: Physical Education Student
Company and position where you work: Lift Operations - Sugarbush Resort in VT

What is the experience for?
To learn things that you wouldn't do at home, learn to live with other people, keep clean for example. I study Physical Education and although as a lift operator there is not so much interaction with those who do Ski or Snowboard, I learned this new sport and the associated body care. The mountain is big and sometimes I have to go from one lift to another and the only way to get there is skiing. I get the STAFF pass so I have access to all the chairs whenever I want.
It also helps me to and improve my English. With English now I feel much more comfortable, I understand much better. For example I notice it when I listen to the radio, at the beginning of the season there were words that I did not understand and now I understand everything.

What is the work environment like? How is the relationship with other coworkers?
The atmosphere is good. And the coworkers ... There is everything. Some help you constantly and others simply do the least. Here we are 2 from Argentina and there are 40 from Peru, 40 from Costa Rica, 10 from Brazil and some from Chile and Paraguay. In the accommodation we are 17.

What are the best things about work? And the worst?
The best is the possibility of skiing. Especially for the ones who never did it before. And with regard to the work itself, the fact of being like a guardian, you intervene helping when someone has a problem and controls that do everything right, you have to pay close attention. And with respect to the worst ... There is nothing wrong in itself. All I can say is that the weather sometimes prevents you from working, for example if there is a snowstorm.

What do you do on your days off?
In the morning go skiing a lot. Then I return at noon and we have the scheduled departures with the entire program. There are events that you book with the van that takes you. The state where I am is a boy, there is a piss that we can go by car. Sometimes we go to Montpelier which is the capital and to Berlington.

What surprised you the most?
I was surprised by the learning one is having. I would highlight independence and coexistence.

What would you recommend to someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?
I would say that the area in Vermont is very good, that perhaps there are not too many activities outside of work because it is much more rural but that the area is very beautiful. I would definitely do the program again, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people. Many locals and many families come to the hill which I loved.