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Destin, Florida

Lucas G went to a warm destination, to the Emerald Coast, and tells us about his experience.

Name: Lucas G
Age: 21
Profession: Marketing Student
Company and position where you work: Fast Food Restaurant in Florida

-Tell us a little how you are and how you are living your Work & Travel.
The truth is that I'm very well. Living already the last days. I work in a Fast Food Restaurant in a small town in Florida. Luckily my coworkers are really nice and a great atmosphere is generated. My job is in the kitchen, so the daily activities are cooking, cleaning and maintenance. As an experience maybe I would look for something else, another job maybe. The work itself is a routine and since I am the only J1 working in this place, it is a bit boring. I am a US citizen and had already been here, but this was a different experience. The positive side is the amount of money you make, and the fact that I improved English a lot.
I usually have two days off a week. The first day I rest haha ​​and the second I go to the beach, which is 2 km (half an hour walking).

-What would you recommend to someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?
I would recommend that you come with a friend, accompanied is better. Also bring the driver's license, especially if you want to hit the road for a trip. And finally do not spend everything you earn!