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Wintergreen, Virginia

Javiera tells us about her first time in the Work & Travel USA program!

Name: Javiera G P
Age: 19
Profession: Law Student
Destination: Virginia
Company and position where you work: Rental Assistant - Wintergreen, Virginia

Was the work as you imagined?
Yes, it's cute, it's how I imagined it. I have to help the people who come in and prepare the skis.

What was the work environment like? How was the relationship with the other coworkers?
Very nice, the Americans try to help us in everything, and the others J1 are all lovely. We live 5 minutes away and we always get together to eat, a nice group of friends was assembled.

What were the best things about your job? And the worst?
The three best things are:
- the people, the coworkers
- The fact that I'm practicing English all day
- And the housing is one of the best things, is 5 minutes from the mountain
And worse that sometimes there is not much work, depending on the season.

What did you do on your days off?
On our days off we go to the city, we walk, in the resort where we are have gym and spa to which we go. Also to ski.

Could you meet other places?
I went to New York a week ago and soon to Washington.

What surprised you the most?
The life in the mountain, the place where we are, the forest.

What would you recommend to someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?
Be encouraged because it is an amazing experience, and even if you have no one to come along with you, you'll have a good time.

Any anecdote you take home?
We have many parties, and one of them was the New Year. It was our first new year without family, and we were celebrating all together, and that was the Human Resources and we all got scared because we thought he was going to throw us out because we weren't supposed to have parties. And it turns out that nothing to see, came to wish us a happy new year and it was very nice.