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Park City, Utah

Solana is 21 years old, studies Economic Sciences and she tells us about her experience working in Park City, Utah

Name: Solana Platz
Age: 21
Profession: Student of Economic Sciences
Destination: Park City, Utah
Company and position where you work: Westgate Park City Resort - Housekeeping

What was the experience for?
Such a difficult question! It helped me to cut the thread with my family. Spending the holidays away, that made me grow a lot. It tought me to be self sufficient and independent.

Was the job as you imagined?
No, I thought it was going to be softer. It's the truth! Here we really make it to be a fun experience. I have mande many friends, including with my supervisors, the manager and other coworkers.

What was the work environment like?
The atmosphere is very good. I study Business Administration and there are many positive things that I saw from my point of view. The company, although large, makes you feel at home, and there is a very good relationship between everyone. Obviously, the one who is your boss gives you directions, and at the same time you get along very well. A beautiful relationship was built, both with friendship and respect. I was lucky to work in a place where they make you feel at home. An example of this is that on the first day we arrived they told us that any problem we had (either from work or that we missed our families, for example) we could go to the Human Resources office to have coffee and chat. That makes you feel very welcomed in a place.

How was the relationship with the other coworkers?
Fantastic!! We got along really well. Housekeeping has many people, it is one of the largest departments. There are Latinos (Peruvians, Chileans, Argentines), Thais and Americans. A spectacular friendship was generated among all. We are already organizing a farewell dinner! They are like family to me.

What were the best things about your job? And the worst?
I think the best of this is the most beautiful group of people who work at the resort. We have a housekeeping office that we enter every morning and has flags from all countries hanging. It's beautiful, to get to that place and meet all your classmates, I love it. The fellowship is amazing.
The worst part is that we don't speak much English. You don't interact much with people. Yes I noticed that I now understand English much better than when I arrived.

What do you do on your days off?
I took advantage of them to ski a lot. In Argentina I skied twice and had a very bad time, the second time I broke my knee. This year I started the season without knowing how to get on the chair and today I was doing a black track.
Also shopping vases, go for a walk, travel. We went to watch an NBA Basketball game, and money was falling! Crazy. Amazing.

Could you visit other places?
Yes, I went to Las Vegas, to Arizona, to Archis National Park and now in a few days we leave a New York for a week.

What surprised you the most?
Everything!! I was joking with my friends when we arrived telling them that my third world country brain couldn't understand everything that was happening. It is very different from how you live in Argentina. Everything, from how the city is organized, the town, the supermarkets, ... And when we went to Las Vegas, I can't even tell you!

What would you recommend to someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?
I would recommend that you do it, that you don't have to be afraid. At first, when I got on the plane to come here, many fears came to me. It is difficult to take the initiative and leave your comfort zone, you will spend the holidays (Christmas and New Year) without your family or loved ones ... But do not be afraid, it is an incredible experience.

All this information is very useful for us and for the students who want to travel with the program so we thank you very much for your collaboration.
Many thanks to you as an agency that were always at the forefront seeing that we are well. I'm happy, I already told my mom that I don't want to leave! I would go back a thousand times.

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