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Vail, Colorado

Matias is 22 years old, studies Business Administration, and he tells us about his experience working as a Ski Valet in the Work & Travel USA program

Name: Matías L S
Age: 22
Profession: Business Administration Student
Destination: Vail, CO
Company and position where you work: Avon Venture Sports - Ski Services

-We would like to know how you are and how you feel, as a participant of the Work & Travel program.
All good luckily, the truth is that I am very good and very happy, it is an incredible program.

- Is work as you imagined?
Yes, the reality is that I didn't know what I was going to do at work, what my specific tasks as Ski Valet were going to be. I get up at 6 am, take the bus that takes me to work, work from 7 to 5 pm and then return to the apartment with friends or go out.

-How is the work environment?
It's good, it's fun. There are many Peruvians and we are few Argentines (3). It has its stuff like any job but in general it is good. Now I am working on average 33 hours per week. Some weeks more and others less.

-How is the relationship with other coworkers?
Very well to be honest.

-What are the best things about your job? And the worst?
The best is that I have enough time to ski. And the worst is that work sometimes ends a little late.

-What do you do on your days off?
On my days off, I ski or stay at home cleaning or tidying up.

How is your accommodation?
We are staying in a complex with many apartments and the ones that stay are all J1. I am staying with 5 friends with whom I came from Buenos Aires, and I sleep in a room with two of them. From the accommodation we walk 8 minutes to the bus stop, and then we take the bus that takes 10 minutes to reach the door of work.

-What surprised you the most?
I was surprised by the Ski Resort itself. I had already skied but never in such a big place. It's incredible.

-Any anecdote that you cherish?
Yes, when we went to see an ice hockey game in Vail that was very good.

-What would you recommend to someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?
That it will surely be a great time, I would recommend that you may find a cheaper accommodation but other than that you can follow my steps, it will surely be spectacular.

-All this information is very useful for us and for the students who want to travel with the program so we thank you very much for your collaboration.
Thanks to you!!