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Vernon, New Jersey

Lucas R went as a Ski Instructor to Mountain Creek Resort with the Work & Travel USA program, and he tells us about his experience

Name: Lucas R
Age: 24
Ocupation: Law student
Destination: Vernon, NJ
Company and position where you work: Mountain Creek Resort - Ski Instructor

-We would like to know how you are and how you feel, as a participant in the Work & Travel USA program.
Both the program and the experience itself were great. The local people were all very nice to me, I improved my English a lot and I was able to do a lot of snowboarding.

-Was the work as you imagined it?
Yes, and maybe even a little more relaxed than I imagined. I thought that I was going to have a lot of pressure to make the students learn but it is not that strict. They look for a balance between learning and enjoyment, which made the experience more gratifying for us as instructors and for the people learning.The job was really great.

-What was the work environment like? How is the relationship with other coworkers?
The work environment was very relaxed. With my colleagues we got along very well, it was very good. The bosses were generally very busy. They were not mean or anything, but very busy.

-What were the best things about your job? And the worst?
The best thing really was being able to be working outdoors and not in an office. And the bad part was that on days when there was little work, and they made us stand out the same. I was very dependent on the boss who was supervising us that day.

-What did you do on your days off?
I practically didn't take days off. New York was the closest and it was two hours away, and we went four times. And if not, on free days we would go snowboarding in the mountains. We also got to know the Killington Mountain in Vermont, which we went to and it was incredible, the tracks are much bigger and the view is beautiful.

-What surprised you the most?
What surprised me most was the difference in the lifestyle of the Americans next to ours. How can they live on a minimum wage in the United States compared to the lifestyle of an Argentine earning the minimum wage there?

-What was your accommodation like?
The accommodation luckily was in front of work. The housing was small, a room with four bunk beds, but we were next to work and that made everything easier.

-Any anecdote that you take as a souvenir?
One night the resort where he worked was the venue for the paralympic Olympics, in which we instructors participated in the opening ceremony by going down the mountain with lighted torches. Very nice indeed.

-What would you recommend to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Just do it, that the whole experience is positive. Let him do it, let him work as hard as he can and, if possible, get himself a cheap car.

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