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McHenry, Maryland

Facundo F., 23 years old and student of bachelor's degree in Accounting tells us about his experience at Wisp Resort.

Name: Facundo Figueira
Age: 23
Occupation: Student of Lic. In Accounting
Destination: McHerny, Maryland
Company and position where you work: Wisp Resort - Mountain Lift Attendant / Kitchen

-We would like to know how are you and how you feel, as a participant in the Work & Travel USA program

The truth is that very well! I really liked it, the experience was very good.

-What was the work and travel experience for you?

Mainly to improve my English and meet new people. When I traveled I spoke no more than 3 words in English, and it's amazing what I could learn from the language in such a short time.

-Is the work as you imagined it?

The first week I asked to change my job because it was too cold in the mountains to be in the Lift Attendant position, and they instantly moved me to the Kitchen area in the restaurant near where Tubing was done. They were very attentive to me.

It was good, we all did everything from cooking, interacting with customers, cleaning, etc.

-What was the work environment like? How was the relationship with other coworkers?

The work environment was very good. I worked with three other J1 students from Brazil and Peru and with local Americans. We had a general supervisor who was generally in the main kitchen and we had another supervisor in the kitchen near the tubing who was cool.

-What were the best things about your job? And the worst?

The worst was one of the supervisors who was very bossy and nobody wanted to work with her. For example, in a time of low season there was nothing to do and she complained that we did nothing.

The best things was the fact that we didn't pay for any food, we could eat anything from work and even take it home. I paid almost nothing for food, which was great.

-What did you do on your days off?

I went with my girlfriend, so we organized to have the Day Off together. Generally we went skiing (it was my first time skiing!), But we did not visit other towns or cities like Pittsburgh and New York.

-What surprised you the most?

I thought that the subject of English was going to be much more complicated, I learned a lot in such a short time and what I liked the most was having gone with my girlfriend. We had a great time.

-Any anecdote that you take as a souvenir?

On the first day, when I didn't understand anything, the supervisor asked me in a meeting with many guys present, what did he think the tasks of the lift were, and I said to him "Oh yeah!" In front of everyone! Hahaha but now I'm much better with English!

-What would you recommend to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Wisp is a very good place to do the first Work & Travel, so that they take it into account, especially if like me, you don't feel so sure of English.

-All this information is very useful for us and for the students who want to travel with the program for the next seasons, so we really appreciate your collaboration.