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International medical insurance

Assist Card Young: Detailed information

Cost of maximum global USD 100.000
Medical assistance in case of accident Up to U$S 100.000
Medical assistance in case of pre‐existing illness * Up to U$S 50.000
First medical attention in case of pre‐existing illnesses * Up to USD300
Urgent dentistry (Max. US $150 per piece) Up to USD 500
Outpatients medicine Up to USD 1000
Medicine in the case of hospitalisation Included in the total amount.
Transfers for health reasons Included
Repatriation (health or funerary) Up to USD 50.000
Accompanied return of the person repatriated Included
Transfer of family member Included
Stay of a family member Per day USD 100 Maximum USD 400
Hotel costs for convalescence Per day USD 180 Maximum USD 900
Guardianship of adults or minors Included
Refund of flights costs if delayed or cancelled Up to USD 200
Early return due to serious loss in at home Included
Difference in the cost for a delayed or early return trip Included
Legal assistance for the responsability in an accident Loans Up to USD 8000
Advance of money for finances Loans Up to USD 8000
Sending of urgent messages Included
Assistance in the case of robbery or loss of documents, etc. Included
Location of equipment Included


Accidental death as a passenger in public transport USD 50.000
Total and permanent disability due to an accident Over 40 years old USD 20.000
Compensation for the loss of belongings Complementary USD 1.200
Compensation for the delay in location of belongings More than 36 hours Up to USD 200
Compensation for the delay in location of belongings More than 10 days Up to USD 1.000

Maximum validation for trip: 365 days

Territorial validation: international

Age limit: 40 years old

*Includes: medical check‐ups, attention from specialists, contact with the top pediatrician, labour and pregnancy until week 26, complementary medical exams, physical recuperation therapy in the case of trauma, medicine, emergency dentistry, hospitalisations, surgery operations, intensive therapy and coronary unit.

Important: Indicated are covered by policies taken out with insurance companies and exclusions apply for usual and/or legal use for this type of coverage and approved by the Insurance Regulatory Agency in the country where the ASSIST ‐CARD was issued.