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International medical insurance

Cancellation of medical insurance for any reason

Here are the insurance costs for cancellation. These are added to the product that is taken on. It starts at US $2,000 since it is rare to spend less than that on a trip:

Amount Fee
2000 U$S 48.00
3000 U$S 72.00
4000 U$S 96.00

Important points to bear in mind for cancellation insurance for any reasons

The issuing of cancellation insurance is carried out together with the issuing of assistance, it is not possible to buy them separately. One is complementary of the other

  • The issue must be made at least 15 days prior to departure and at the time that passengers pay the advance payment for services (i.e. they cannot hire you after, for example, buying your flights or the first hotel booking).
  • In case that the passenger decides to cancel, they should communicate directly with our assistance department, 48 hours prior to the date of the trip, and within 24 hours of the event that lead them to cancel, to report what happened and there you will be asked to submit documentation.
  • The refund of your payments will be 75%


a) Events not reported within 24 hours of occurrence of the event that caused the cancellation.

b) Participation in criminal enterprise.

c) Any self inflicted injuries to the employee.

d) Alcoholism.

e) Use of drugs, drug addiction or use of medications without a doctor's order.

f) People 75 or older at the time of contracting the trip.

g) In cases where it is required for migration, the lack of an entry visa to the country of destination which must have been issued to date prior to the occurrence of the event giving rise to the cancellation.

h) If the cancellation is due to a cancelled flight charter.