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Teacher Program in USA


This program offers experienced teachers the opportunity to obtain an international professional internship and participate in intercultural activities in the United States, for up to 3 years. Through a teaching position in your area of expertise. The annual income will approximately be between USD 42.000 and USD 50.000. 


-Fluid English

-Be a university or tertiary graduate of initial, primary or secondary teaching careers

-Have a minimum of 2 years of verifiable work experience in the teaching area at schools

-To be working as a teacher in your country when applying to the program


What this visa allows

The participants will have the opportunity to work together with the citizens of the USA. UU and interact daily. In addition, they will have the opportunity to participate in formal cultural activities inside and outside the classroom.

Moreover, the participants will be able to travel with their families, who will receive a visa that allows them to work or study according on their age. 

Application process

1. Registration: You present your CV and initial documentation.

2. Selection process: We assess your level of English and organize the job interview with the employer.

3. Job offer: You receive your job offer and present the remaining documentation. You pay the balance of the program.

4.Visa and passage: You process the visa and you are ready to buy your passage and travel to carry out the program.

Medical insurance and flights


Placement Fee: includes application process to the program, participation in various interviews with InterLatina, sponsor and the school. Identification of the vacancy in the USA. USD 2,500. 

Program Fee: includes application process to the program, documentation review and issuance of DS 2019 for obtaining the visa. USD 1200 per contract year.

Some schools help pay part or all of the placement fee.

What does the value of the program include?

Contract as a temporary exchange teacher at a qualified host school in the United States and teach a minimum of 32 hours per week during the academic year for a period of up to three years.

Development of the Teacher Program Offering in cooperation with the Host School, ensuring that it complies with the regulations of the program.

DS-2019 to support the application for a J-1 master visa

Medical insurance during the dates indicated in the form DS-2019.

24 hour support from experienced staff by the sponsor

The processing, selection, and verification activities of program applications to ensure compliance with regulations.

Skype interview / s for the selection of candidates

Guidance materials on a variety of important topics.

Assistance in the identification and organization of cultural activities.

Review and monitoring monthly online check-ins to ensure program success.

Assigned mentor at the Host School who will provide guidance on the facility, the community, support for professional development and cultural activities.

Assigned supervisor at the host school who will provide general on-site supervision.

Review and processing of the Annual Report of the participant that guarantees regulatory compliance.



Extra expenses:

Sevis: USD 220

J1 Visa: USD 160

Transfers in / out of the airport

Airfare: between USD 1500 and 2000 depending on destination and date. In all cases, the applicant must pay the airfare for himself / herself and for his / her family.

Medical insurance: USD 60 / month. It is paid in advance according to the duration of the contract.

Other Expenses: Food, accommodation, transportation, leisure, etc.