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The InterLatin Au Pair Program is a program that combines paid work, cultural exchange and study.


Be between 18 and 26 years old. You can not be 27 years old before embarking or under 18 at the time of enrollment (although already traveling with the legal age fulfilled).

To work with children from 3 months to two years the minimum age required is 19 years.
To work with children from 0 to 3 months the minimum age required is 20 years.

What this visa allows

The program allows you to join every month, however we advise you to start with the registration process at least 3 months before traveling because you are asked for many requirements that can take some time to meet.

Application process

Step 1
1. Curriculum Summary and Cover Letter (detailed) in Word Document.
2. Statement of purpose (in which you want to participate in the program) in Word Document.
4. Picture - Color 4x4
At this stage we will evaluate if you qualify for the Au Pair program. If so, we will let you know if you can take the English language assessment (or the required language). For Au Pair in France the examination is in French. For Au Pair in Germany the exam is from German. For Au Pair in Holland the exam is in English. For all other countries the required language is English
Step 2

Language Test:
  · Personal or telephone interview with InterLatina
Step 3
Once you have been admitted to the program and have conducted the interview in English with InterLatina successfully, you must deliver:
Contract with InterLatina signed
Photocopy of your passport
Photocopy of previous visas for the chosen country (if applicable)
Two reference letters of caring for children, can not be direct relatives.
Application forms that vary according to the destination selected.

Then you must pay US $ 200 to account for the total cost of the program.
After completing step 3, we will arrange a telephone interview with the family. InterLatina will notify via e-mail about the telephone interview and will provide you with information about the family.
This process takes between 2 to 3 weeks. It may take longer if families are not interested in their professional profile
Step 4
Once you have had the interview successfully, the family will make you a concrete proposal of work and a description of the tasks to be performed daily, the salary you will receive and other benefits, through InterLatina.
Once received the job offer and conformed the same, you must make the payment of the rest of the amount of the program according to the agreement with InterLatina.
This process takes approximately 5 to 6 weeks.
Step 5
InterLatina will send you the documentation to process the visa at the consulate of your country. We will send you the information to apply for the visa during step 4.
This process takes between 1 and 7 days depending on the consulate.

Medical insurance and flights

The ticket is bought by the family, as well as medical insurance for the whole stay.