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Work & Travel USA is a cultural exchange program that allows university or tertiary students to learn about the American way of life through paid temporary work while perfectioning their English and meeting other young university students from all around the world.

Duration: 3 or 4 months

Departure date: December every year

The largest job offer in the Work and Travel USA program focuses on tourism and services, especially ski resorts, resorts, casinos and hotels. The Work and Travel Program is recognized by the United States Government.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the program. Working closely with our sponsors and employers since 2003, more than 3000 students have traveled to make this experience of living in the USA.

Work & Travel Program Options 

• Option Full: InterLatina provides the job offer.

• Option Independent: If you already have a job in the USA.

• Opción Returnee: For all the students that choose to do this experience again with us. 


• Be between 18 and 28 years of age

• Commit to work for at least three (3) months. The official program dates for Argentina are from December 1 to March 15/31

• Intermediate level of English

• To be a tertiary or university student of an institution integrated to the official education and to be studying as a regular student throughout the school year (first and second semester).

What this visa allows

Through the Work and Travel USA program you will improve your English, expand your vocabulary and gain international work experience. You will learn what is not taught in the university: you will organize your adult life away from your parents and live with other students, living on your salary and paying all your bills.

Application process

1) Work and Travel USA Program Registration: Presentation of the initial documentation, evaluation of English, payment of registration. 2) Selection of at least three Work and Travel USA job offers in which you are interested. 3) Interview with Work and Travel USA employer / sponsor by phone or skype. 4) Payment of the rest of the Work and Travel USA program: Once you have been hired, you will have to pay the balance of the program. 5) Additional documentation: Once you are hired, you must complete the documentation requested by your sponsor USA. 6) Delivery of DS 2019 for the processing of the Work and Travel USA visa. Personal interview at the embassy. 7) Air ticket: can be purchased with InterLatina once your visa is approved. 8) Travel to USA: Once in the USA you must process your Social Security Number (if it is the first time you travel to work) and present yourself at work. 9) During the program: You must perform cultural activities of which you must inform your sponsor. 10) Upon your return to Argentina you will contact us to inform about your experience. This report is very important for the continuity of the program.

Medical insurance and flights

Medical insurance is included in the program. Covers accidents and illnesses. Limited coverage of dentistry. It does not cover routine check-ups. 

The plane ticket can be purchased to InterLatina. Ask us about our offers!

InterLatina represents sponsors of VISA J1 Alliance Abroad, Spirit, Interexchange, Cultural Homestay International, International Educational Exchange, among others.