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20 March, 2020
10 Tips for studying online in quarantine times

1. Get organized!


Prepare all the materials you need to start the class.


2. Get familiar with the virtual platform


Spend some time reading the configuration of the platform and the content that you will have to use during the course.


3. Don't hesitate to ask!


Make all the questions you need, your teachers and assistants are trained to answer any questions you have.


4. Listen to yourself!


Record speaking in English, listen to yourself and compare yourself to the speech of native teachers. So you can work on improvements and achieve your goals!


5. Watch videos of English-speaking YouTubers


Immerse yourself in their world, you will learn new customs and cultures as well as idioms from each place. Did you know that in England elevators are called "elevators" and in the United States "lifts"?


6. I learned from the natives!


Be aware that you are going to learn much more of English with native teachers and this will add a lot when looking for a job! Take online courses with teachers from England, Australia, the United States, Canada, etc. it is a big advantage.


7. Surround yourself with English


Put Netflix in English with English subtitles, listen and learn the music you like the most in English. Read the news in English. Get into Facebook groups in English on topics that interest you.


8. Make a list of your goals for the day


It helps you to organize your week and be able to do everything you have in mind.


9. Get comfortable


Find a place in your house to do the class with god light and where Wi Fi reaches you.


10. Have fun!

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